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The BBM Reinsurance Division is a key part of our business that has a heritage stretching back over 60 years with our insurance origins in the city of London. Our history is part of our strength. While we rely on the security of proven markets, we also embrace the new world we live in and have a thirst to be part of new solutions that are fit for the modern age. Based in the UAE, we are dedicated to being at the cutting edge of innovation and to stand out as leaders in the continuing transformation of the insurance industry.

With partners worldwide and across all the global insurance hubs, our reach means that we can provide unrivalled access to global markets and capacity. Our Independence, along with our commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance means our partners and clients can engage with us in complete comfort. We guarantee full transparency, a zero-tolerance attitude to any conflicts of interest, and a clear promise to engage only in solutions that we can be sure, avoid clashes of strategy with any of our partners.

True to the core values of the BBM companies, we see ourselves as a critical part of the value chain in the placement of risk and deployment of capacity. We consider this to be much more than the accurate binding of placements, or the negotiation of the most favorable commercial terms. What drives us, is the pursuit of developing solutions that in their binding deliver outstanding outcomes to all parties resulting in trusted relations that deliver profit and stand the test of time.

By fearlessly challenging the status quo, using our expertise, skill, and utilizing our pooled global knowledge and resources we are ideally placed to deliver solutions to complex problems quickly and efficiently.