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Abu Dhabi and the UAE is one of the most active construction areas in the world. With so much development attention to contractual detail and site risk control can be ignored as deadlines and financial requirements become paramount.

Berns Brett Masaood believe that costs are reduced and profit increased if attention is paid to risk appreciation, management and control.

Significant exposure to uninsured loss arises if a contractor or developer does not appreciate the full extent of the risks involved. Most projects include risk exposure in the following principle areas:

  • Contractual terms for the various project stages
  • Design, professional risks and project management
  • Continuity planning and disaster recovery
  • Stage finance risks and completion bonds
  • Worldwide Transit, storage and delivery of materials
  • Plant delivery, operation, storage and installation
  • Internal transit and storage to construction site or subcontracted trades
  • Manufacture off site (for example kitchen/bathroom pods)
  • Site construction and installation all risks
  • Site management, public relations and risk control
  • General liability to the public, employees and customers
  • Pollution and environmental governance
  • Health and Safety, Compliance and Employee legislation
  • Project handover and completion
  • Maintenance period and latent defects

Contractors, professionals, suppliers, developers and customers have different areas of risk within the above categories. Our experience allows us to help reduce these exposures whilst saving cost. We believe that project led risk control and insurance placing reduces exposure to uninsured losses for all the organisations involved. Berns Brett Masaood can assist on an individual company basis or as a project led risk control adviser.

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