Retail Risk Management & Insurance

BBi Berns Brett Masaood offers a complete risk management service for clients with a single retail unit to retail chains.

By combining our worldwide stock insurance experience with a detailed knowledge of the retail trade our staff are able to offer retailers a comprehensive service that incorporates all aspects of risk control and insurance.

Retailers should not only expect competitive premiums and wide cover but also risk control advice from their advisers. Your suppliers and stock control and delivery systems are all vital parts of your supply chain. These aspects of the retailers environment must be incorporated in any cover arranged.

Future store expansion should also be considered and incorporated in any income insurance included in your cover. If your current advisers do not seem able to tackle the risks you are exposed to contact us to obtain a review and audit of your insurances. Our service can include training and Health and Safety advice from our in house consultants.

If you wish to find out how we can help you, please contact us by phoning +971 2 – 676 1939 or email